“Health is the New Wealth” is a youth exchange with 40 young people from all over the European Union, gathering us all in one place to learn more about how to lead our lifestyles in a more self-sustaining way in order to live the best possible life. We will have workshops about nutrition, Obesity, sports, types of diets and other activities, including a public action.

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Get your mug, some cookies, slippers and a team of happy people and LET’S GO!



EVS: “Europe In a Lens”

Are you ready to start the adventure of a lifetime?

Latvia is a small country but a big world and this project will bring YOU and another amazing person aged between 18 and 30 to Latvia. You will be a team of two working side by side to make an online social media platform for sharing good practices through small but exciting videos. You will be a part of a national organization and will have the opportunity to travel all around Latvia in search of the best sceneries, providing youngsters all around the country with information about your country, Europe and eventually about photography and video making.


  1. Creating a platform (Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube) for sharing best practices about leading an ecological lifestyle, about civic activities and just about the human decency that we forget in everyday life;
  2. Making original video materials about NGOs in Latvia and how they make society better every day, translating English materials to Latvian (with support from language mentor) for sharing global experiences with the local society;
  3. Informing young people about their opportunities in the European Union, giving them intercultural experiences and making their mundane life a little more colorful.


  • Mornings are usually free, you will have Latvian courses twice weekly;
  • Evenings are usually also free, but you will have to organize intercultural events and participate in such events max. two times per week;
  • 5 days a week you will have various activities, such as going to Latvian schools and leading workshops about photography, European Solidarity Corps and Europe in general. You will have to make creative photo and video materials during the days, you will have filming times as well. 
  • You will meet your mentor once every two weeks, more if necessary;
  • There will be Club “The House” events you will need to attend (such as meetings, etc.);
  • Your role will also be to participate in various exciting national meetings with other organizations, representing our organization (no worries, that will await you after you have gotten used to the rhythm of things);
  • And finally, your everyday life will be full of young enthusiasts, friends, and amazing colleagues.


  1. Lots of contacts from Latvia and a whole bag of new ideas and motivation for the continuation of your career;
  2. Youthpass certificate, noting all of your gained experiences and officially proving your participation in the project;
  3. European Solidarity Corps participant certificate;
  4. Europass Curriculum Vitae;
  5. Europass Certificate Supplement;
  6. The president of Club “The House” will write you a personal letter of recommendation for the next steps in your career;
  7. If you are planning to pursue arts or digital marketing, this year will be the boost you need – you will have the chance to add to your portfolio and take partial credit to all of the created materials.


  • You will have to purchase the transportation tickets for arrival on July 1, 2019 and the travel costs will be reimbursed upon arrival;
  • Pocket money of 120 EUR per month (for personal expenses, food covered from organizational support);
  • Your apartment will be in Riga and you will be living with your colleague (the other EVS volunteer);
  • Health insurance will be provided for the whole year;
  • You will have a support person – mentor, who will be available for personal development support;
  • There will be a logistical support person available 24/7, they will handle all expenses and help you with documentation;
  • Other specifics will be discussed in the video interview and after acceptance. In case of questions, contact us.


  1. You should be aged between 18 and 30;
  2. You should be a European citizen, preferably from Poland or Germany;
  3. For ensuring project quality, we expect that you are an open person, ready to learn and grow along with the organization and project;
  4. You need to have basic communicative English at least;
  5. We expect the volunteer to participate for the entire year from July 1, 2019, until June 30, 2020;
  6. The candidate should have a basic understanding of photography and video-making, but this is not compulsory.


We are young people working for the benefit of society as a whole. Mostly, we make all kinds of cool projects and create amazing memories together, but we also work side by side with the national government and coordinate European School clubs in Latvia. A lot of our time goes into making ties between different young people from Latvia and other countries. 

What is most important – none of us are above the age of 30, the average age of our board of members is 21! But although we seem young, the generations of our organization (which is already 24 y.o.) have passed down all of their experience and we are the spearheads of some very cool and exciting stuff – JEF Latvia, European School clubs, Eurodesk Latvia, National youth projects, Erasmus+ youth exchanges and local arts festivals. 

Our small office is in the Social Sciences faculty of Latvian University. That is where all of our old markers and fresh brochures are located. We won’t lie – it’s a small space, but the warm smiles make it cozy and nice, plus there is always tea, coffee, and cookies (or fruits, because veganism is quite popular right now). On the project you should be ready to spend some time in our office, learning Latvian and teaching others your language, because sharing is caring!


  1. Fill this application;
  2. Get invited to a video interview;
  3. You will have to purchase a ticket to Latvia until June 30, 2019 (to ensure your participation);
  4. Arrival in Latvia after July 1, 2019 but before July 27, 2019;
  5. Project activities…
  6. Departure home after 12 months, depending on when you arrive.



EVS application
Please also write your country code (+371, etc)
The age of applicants can be between 18 and 30
Please submit the citizenship noted in your passport
Please specify your current occupation - student/employed/unemployed/devoted anime fan, etc.
Please answer honestly, 1 is lowest and 10 - highest
Please answer honestly, 1 is lowest and 10 - highest
Please answer honestly, 1 is lowest and 10 - highest
Please answer honestly, 1 is lowest and 10 - highest
This will be hard if you evaluated your creative thinking below 5. In that case, you have the privilege to type 4 sentences.
This is where we should understand what motivates you to apply and why out of all places and projects Latvia and "Europe In a Lens" is your first choice.
Previous experience in photography and video making is not mandatory, but it would be a great advantage. If you do not possess previous experience, please tell us how quick you are at learning and adapting :^)
So - you read the project description and you know what is what. But what do you really want to get out of this project, what experiences, what knowledge do you still need? What are the necessities for your personal development?
If your application will be among the 10 best applicants, you will be invited for a video interview. This interview is mandatory, so you should check which time of day is best and stick to it. You should be ready for a 30-minute conversation with one or two Club "The House" members. You will receive the answer to your application on the 4th of June and then have 4 days to prepare for our interview.
By ticking this you acknowledge that the organizer and co-funder of this exchange can use your personal data for evaluation of your participation in this project. Your personal data will not be given to any external entities and will be solely used for this project. The data shall be deleted one year after the project has ended and prior to that will be kept in an encrypted environment.

Izsludināts ERASMUS+ projektu konkurss

Jaunatnes starptautisko programmu aģentūra (JSPA) izsludina programmas “Erasmus+: Jaunatne darbībā” otro 2019. gada projektu konkursu. Aicinām visus, kuri vēlas īstenot starptautiskus projektus jaunatnes jomā, iesniegt projektu pieteikumus līdz 2019. gada 30. aprīlim plkst. 13:00pēc vietējā laika tiešsaistē.

Tiešsaistes tīmekļa vietne

Kopējais plānotais finansējums 2019. gada otrajā projektu konkursā ir 1 080 092.24 eiro:

1.    pamatdarbības “Personu mobilitāte mācību nolūkos” Jauniešu apmaiņas un Jaunatnes darbinieku mobilitātes projektiem kopā – 583 572.17 eiro, no kuriem 145 893.04 eiro projektiem ar ES kaimiņvalstīm;
2.    pamatdarbības “Stratēģiskās partnerības izglītības, apmācības un jaunatnes jomās” projektiem inovāciju atbalstam – 459 860.70 eiro;
3.    pamatdarbības “Atbalsts politikas reformai” Jaunatnes dialoga projektiem – 36 659.37 eiro.

Projektu pieteikumu iesniegšana  

2019. gada otrajā projektu konkursā var iesniegt projektu pieteikumus šādos projektu veidos:
•    1. pamatdarbības “Personu mobilitāte mācību nolūkos” Jauniešu apmaiņas un Jaunatnes darbinieku mobilitātes projekti;
•    2. pamatdarbības “Stratēģiskās partnerības jaunatnes jomā” projekti inovāciju atbalstam;
•    3. pamatdarbības “Atbalsts politikas reformai” Jaunatnes dialoga projekti.

Svarīgi! 2. pamatdarbības “Stratēģiskās partnerības jaunatnes jomā” projektu labās prakses apmaiņai, Starptautiskās jauniešu iniciatīvas projektu pieteikumus varēs iesniegt trešajā projektu konkursā (konkursa beigu termiņš 1. oktobris plkst. 13:00 pēc vietējā laika).

“Erasmus+: Jaunatne darbībā” 2019. gada prioritātes

Saskaņā ar programmas “Erasmus+” vadlīnijām 2019. gadā jaunatnes jomas projektos izvirzītas šādas prioritātes.

1. pamatdarbības projektos:
•    pievēršanās sociāli atstumtiem jauniešiem, veicinot dažādību, starpkultūru un starpreliģiju dialogu, vienotas neatkarības vērtības, iecietību un cieņu pret cilvēktiesībām, kā arī projektiem, kas uzlabo jauniešu plašsaziņas līdzekļu lietotprasmi, kritiskās domāšanas prasmes un iniciatīvas apziņu;
•    jaunatnes darbinieku nodrošināšana ar iemaņām un metodēm viņu profesionālai attīstībai, ieskaitot digitālo darbu ar jaunatni, kas ir nepieciešamas sabiedrības kopējo pamatvērtību nodošanai grūti sasniedzamām jauniešu grupām un arī izteiktas radikalizācijas novēršanai jauniešu vidū.

Ņemot vērā kritisko situāciju Eiropā un faktu, ka jauniešu darbs, neformālās izglītības aktivitātes un brīvprātīgais darbs var būt būtiski saistīts ar bēgļu, patvēruma meklētāju un migrantu vajadzībām un/vai var paaugstināt šī jautājuma izpratni vietējā sabiedrībā, īpaša uzmanība tiks pievērsta jauniešu mobilitātes projektiem, kuros tiks iesaistīti vai atbalstīti bēgļi/patvēruma meklētāji un migranti.

2. pamatdarbības projektos:
Kvalitatīva, inovatīva un atzīta darba ar jaunatni veicināšana. Tostarp:
•    jaunatnes darbinieku kapacitātes stiprināšana;
•    jaunu, efektīvu metožu izstrāde, lai sasniegtu atstumtus jauniešus un novērstu rasismu un neiecietību jauniešu vidū;
•    jauniešu ar ierobežotām iespējām iekļaušana un nodarbinātība, īpašu uzsvaru liekot uz jauniešiem, kam draud atstumtības risks, un jauniešiem no migrantu ģimenēm;
•    starpnozaru sadarbība jaunatnes darbā;
•    saiknes stiprināšana starp politiku, pētniecību un praksi;
•    jauniešu pārejas no skolas uz darba dzīvi atvieglošana;
•    zināšanu uzlabošana par jaunatnes situāciju un politiku jaunatnes jomā;
•    jaunatnes darba, neformālās un ikdienas mācīšanās atzīšana Eiropas, valstu un vietējā līmenī.

JSPA informē, ka 2019. gadā plānoti trīs programmas “Erasmus+: Jaunatne darbībā” projektu konkursi:
•    Pirmā projektu konkursa beigu termiņš 5. februāris plkst. 13:00 pēc vietējā laika (noslēdzies);
•    Otrā projektu konkursa beigu termiņš 30. aprīlis plkst. 13:00 pēc vietējā laika;
•    Trešā projektu konkursa beigu termiņš 1. oktobris plkst. 13:00 pēc vietējā laika.

Informācija par trešo 2019. gada programmas “Erasmus+: Jaunatne darbībā” projektu konkursu tiks publicēta
Neskaidrību gadījumā aicinām sazināties ar Projektu vadības un uzraudzības daļas projektu koordinatoriem.